I’m Kiran Rouzie. And for me, cookie cutter just won’t cut it.

As owner of an award-winning web design company and consultant specializing in workforce optimization, business operations strategy and customer service for movie studios, post-production facilities, advertising agencies and Educational institutions, I evaluate the allocation of human resources, software and hardware, developing streamlined, user-friendly workflows based on unique show requirements, campaigns, deadlines, and the organization’s environment and culture.

I help clients increase annual billings, decrease operational expensive and maximize time spent on what’s most important: the business of storytelling. Basically, I enable Creative’s to stay creative and focused on delivering award-winning content.

Whether collaborating or working solo, I work hard, I work fast. Strict deadlines don’t scare me. And I’m borderline obsessive about the quality of my work.

I’ve had the good fortune to help some of the world’s largest production companies and studios do what they do, better.

My work has been featured in major award shows including Cannes, the Emmys, the Oscars, Sundance, Tribeca and AICP.

On average, I’ve increased my clients annual billings by 300MM and decreased their operational expenses by up to 40%.

I am passionate about the people and the process. And I love helping my clients achieve higher profitability through efficient use of technology, ethical business practices and collaboration.

Values: Integrity, Honesty and Excellence in All I do
Myers-Briggs: EXTJ
MBS: Green & Yellow

Kiran Rouzie